NutraWorks San Francisco

San Francisco Weight Loss

Our San Francisco / Financial District office is the founding location of NutraWorks and the life changing programs we offer. NutraWorks San Francisco co-inhabits a space within the historic landmark Colombo building alongside it’s sister health center PostureWorks.

Conveniently located off of Columbus Avenue and Washington Street, NutraWorks San Francisco is easily accessible by public transport (5 minute walk from BART) as well as by car.

The San Francisco NutraWorks location offers many unique characteristics including one of the Bay Area’s only InBody 520 Body Composition Analysis devices. This highly accurate device allows us to ensure our weight loss patients are losing fat and preserving muscle mass as the pounds melt off of them.

This location also has a dedicated patient education area where we hold complimentary workshops each week to educate our patients and the community about cutting-edge advances in nutritional rehabilitation and wellness.

Another unique and highly valuable feature of the NutraWorks and PostureWorks San Francisco Location is our COR Training studio. COR Training utilized the new science of Whole Body Vibration to deliver rapid results clinically shown to be far superior to traditional training methods. Our COR Training studio is San Francisco’s only PowerPlate fitness center which combines PowerPlates and TRX suspension training.

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9 Columbus Avenue • San Francisco, CA, 94111

Scott Levin San Francisco Chiropractor

Dr. Scott Levin

Co-Founder / Clinical Director

Dr. Scott Levin is the co-founder of the natural, effective, and scientifically advanced health centers PostureWorks and NutraWorks. He is also a perpetual student of health and wellness.

During his many years of practice as a Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Levin observed the importance of nutrition in helping his patients get back to their best. From a physical stand-point, patients who had achieved a better nutritional plan, experienced less pain and health problems, faster healing rates, and a overall higher quality of life.

For Dr. Levin, NutraWorks is a way to share the tools he has learned over the years, to give you a fast and clean way to not only look great, but feel and function at your personal best.

Stephanie Yim San Francisco Weight Loss Coach

Stephanie Yim

Wellness Director / Coach

Bay Area native Stephanie Yim has 12 + years of coaching experience and has been with NutraWorks and PostureWorks since 2010 as a Nutritional Coach and Wellness Director. She has helped hundreds of patients to nutritional success through one on one coaching and is responsible for continued program development and team training.

Stephanie graduated pre-med from U.C. Berkeley with degrees in Psychology and Molecular Biology. Though a swimmer at heart, she spent her first year at Cal on the lightweight rowing team until her love of swimming brought her back to the pool. In 2007, Stephanie was recruited as a coach for the Cal Aquatic Masters Swim team and realized that coaching was something she was destined to do, both on and off the pool deck.

Her ultimate goal is to inspire lifelong optimal health and wellness through the teachings, care, and resources available at NutraWorks and PostureWorks.