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Denver Weight Loss

NutraWorks Denver is located off of Denver’s 16th Street Pedestrian Mall and is in close proximity to multiple RTD Light Rail and Free Mall Shuttle stations, making the life changing nutritional rehabilitation, weight loss and healthy eating programs NutraWorks offers easily accessible to the entire Denver Metro Area.

This first Colorado location for NutraWorks has quickly built a reputation in the front range due to the rapid and lasting results it has provided for a growing number of health conscious Denver based Coloradans. The humanistic approach to lifestyle coaching NutraWorks Denver uses in conjunction with the sciences of applied nutrition, weight loss, ketogenic diets and wellness based eating and meal plans is the perfect combination to ensure your optimal results.

The Denver based NutraWorks offices are also pioneering some exciting and unique technological advances in the biomedical field. Our state of the art Body Composition Analysis device, The Stay Healthy BCA, not only measures and tracks changes in your weight, body fat percentage, lean mass vs body fat poundage and hydration index, but also generates a personalized and password protected website for each of our patients. Your personalized website allows you to track your progress, record journal entries, goals and successes, while also receiving valuable tips and suggestions to make the program even easier and effective. You can choose to keep your success private or with a click of a button post your amazing results to your favorite social media site to get feedback and encouragement from your friends as you simultaneously act as a role model for others by encouraging them to improve their health as well.

The NutraWorks Denver office is located within ModWorks Co-Working which affords many unique benefits to our patients. Our busy patients can enjoy access to multiple lounges, free wifi and other amenities. NutraWorks has access to multiple conference rooms where we hold complimentary wellness education and other services to the community.

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110 16th St #1300 • Denver, CO 80202

Jason Miller Chiropractor Denver

Dr. Jason Miller

Co-Founder / Clinical Director

Dr. Jason Miller is the co-founder of NutraWorks and it’s sister center PostureWorks. After finishing his Doctorate of Chiropractic, Dr. Miller continued his studies in applied nutrition and has been specifically focused on understanding metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and the science of fat loss.

Dr. Miller first applied this knowledge to his own life and quickly improved his body composition, blood chemistry and metabolism. He has remained 90 lbs. below his heaviest weight for over 6 years. In that time Dr. Miller has also helped thousands of patients to do the same and now teaches principles of Applied Nutrition, BioPhysics and lifestyle coaching at multiple medical, pharmacology and chiropractic schools across the nation.

Dr. Miller is passionate about helping people live healthier happier lives and enjoys witnessing the fulfillment in his patients as they change their lives for the better.


Dr. Negar Navid

Coach / Case Manager

Dr. Navid received her bachelor’s degree in genetics from Rutgers University prior to attending Life Chiropractic College West, where she completed the Doctorate of Chiropractic program at an accelerated pace. During chiropractic school, Dr. Navid took a particular interest in applied nutrition and metabolic disorders and still to this day has continued to expand her understanding and mastery of this vital aspect of human health and vitality.

In late 2014, Dr. Navid left a thriving practice in Alameda California to join the NutraWorks team as the primary treating doctor at its new Denver location. Her vast clinical and personal experience as an expert in nutritional wellness has allowed the reputation of NutraWorks Denver to rapidly spread throughout the surrounding communities as providing unique, life changing and unparalleled results for patients.

Dr. Navid is excited to be an integral part of the changing landscape in healthcare towards lifestyle improvement and the natural methods of avoiding or resolving many chronic illnesses. She is both a dedicated clinician and an inspired role model to all those around her as she strives to do her best for her patients and to live a life full of health and happiness.